Hello. I'm Daniel Wintschel.
Application development, business, marketing, dishwasher, baker.

what i do

I'm a problem solver (typically, via software and product development) with over 13 years experience. For the past 7 years I have developed primarily in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript.

I've been responsible for developing systems with intelligent database design that talk to web services, process millions of dollars in financial transactions, deal with millions of rows of data and all sorts of other important stuff.

If you're looking for someone like me to help on a project, send me an email.


  • Recipe Cost Calculator - built a tool to help food businesses (restaurants, bakeries, manufacturers, processors) quickly and easily see the costs of creating their recipes as well as allowing them to manage hundreds of ingredients, determine their labour and packaging costs, etc.
  • Chimp - an online platform that helps donors give money to charity. To date, Chimp users have sent more than $4.6 million dollars to over 1500 Canadian charities.
  • Kitchening & Co. - working with @kitchening to build an exceptional community-focused food business in the Lower Mainland. Right now we are focused on making the best Parisian macarons in Vancouver.
  • Blog - I love to write about stuff that matters.


  • EasyCal - online booking and scheduling software for solo service providers (Ruby on Rails).
  • MotorcycleGear.com - worked with one other developer to rebuild MotorcycleGear.com (Ruby on Rails).
  • A laundry-list of other projects and companies, dating back to 1999. Most of it boring -- Java, PHP, ColdFusion, all that crap.

who i am

Most Important

  • husband
  • father
  • disciple
  • friend


  • serial entrepreneur
  • lover of small, locally owned businesses
  • efficiency nerd
  • process improvement nerd


  • programming
  • user experience
  • ruby / rails
  • javascript / jquery
  • wordpress


  • coffee
  • cooking / baking
  • outdoors / hiking / camping / hunting
  • travel (26 countries and counting)
  • photography
  • reading (pretty much anything)
  • economics / finance / investing / real estate
  • philosophy
  • theology

what people say

Daniel is a superb software developer, a fantastic team player, and an excellent communicator. He is one of those “star” developers that are so difficult to find. He easily grasps problems, is able to communicate design issues succinctly, and learns new technologies and techniques quickly... if circumstances ever permit, I would hire him again immediately... If you are looking to verify his moral fiber, I can only say that you will be hard pressed to find a more upstanding and responsible individual.

Carl Schmidt (CTO at Unbounce)

I have much to be thankful for, not the least of which is you. Thanks for your hard work, dedication and opinionated nature. This combined with your awesome skill and personality make [Chimp] a win win for all involved.

John Bromley (CEO at Chimp Technology Inc.)

I can't recommend Daniel highly enough. Extremely personable, extraordinarily competent. Always has a solution to the problem and implements it with skill and integrity.

Collin Houseal (Owner at Houseal Creative)

Thanks again for being a relentless machine... It's easy to find people who start things, but much harder to find great people to work with who ship.

Kareem Mayan (Technical Product Manager)


I don't make a habit of keeping a resume around (let alone up to date), but if you'd like a pseudo-resume, please help yourself to this one.


I love hearing from new people.

Current Location: Lower Mainland (Fort Langley)


Phone: (604) 761-2959