Daniel Wintschel

CEO, Software Engineer, Dad

Comox, BC, Canada - 49.6651° N, 124.9017° W

I've been building software professionally since 1999. I've worked in a dozen industries including education, tourism, gambling, finance, charity, manufacturing, airlines, scheduling, accounting and more. I've built accounting systems and transaction handling software responsible for billions of dollars in financial transactions.

In 2013 I began developing Recipe Cost Calculator as a tool for a wholesale bakery my wife and I owned at the time. I believe that food businesses of all sizes should have access to beautiful, affordable software that will help them be successful. Running a food business is hard enough as it is without having to pay a fortune for the tools you need to do it well.

With the ongoing growth of Recipe Cost Calculator, we sold our bakery in 2021, allowing me to focus on Recipe Cost Calculator in earnest. We currently serve thousands of users in over 50 countries.

My photo looks very serious. Most of the time I smile.

Wanna be in touch? Send me an email to daniel at humandoing.net.